Q: How do you pronounce “Fuchs”?

“Fuchs” is a German last name that means “fox” in English. A.P. Fuchs has heard it all when it comes to people saying his last name incorrectly. There’s two ways to pronounce it: the German way and the English way. They are:


Fooks (as in “looks”)


Foques (as in “toques”)

Yeah, a weird name, I know.

Q: Is it true you conceived the Axiom-man storyline 15 years ago but only put out the first installment in the fall of 2006?


Q: Why did it take you so long? It doesn’t take 15 years to write a book.

Tell that to J.R.R. Tolkien.

The reason it took so long was because for the longest time the storyline was just a mere fantasy of mine, nothing more. But after being inspired by other independent superhero creations (namely Rush and the Grey Fox, and The Wraith), I decided to do something with my character rather than just have him sit around in my mind and drive me nuts with all kinds of adventures.

Q: Why novels for the Axiom-man Saga and not comics?

I’m a novelist, primarily. That’s what I do and the format I’ve been writing in since I began writing seriously in 2000. But don’t fret. Axiom-man comic books are on the way, the first being a one-shot entitled, Of Magic and Men, set to come your way late 2007/early 2008.

Q: Will the comics run independently of the series? Do I need to read both the comics and the novels to get the whole story?

The main storyline of the series will take place in prose format whereas the comic book adventures will run alongside it. They are all part of the same continuity/storyline, with the reading order of the saga printed inside each book/comic.

Though each tale is pretty much self-contained, by reading the entire storyline, you’ll have a much richer reading experience because you’ll then be receiving the whole picture.

Q: Where can I get copies of the Axiom-man Saga?

Please see this site’s webstore or your favorite online retailer like Amazon.com

Q: I don’t like shopping online. Can’t I get your title(s) at the bookstore down the street?

You sure can. If they don’t have the volume(s) you’re looking for, give them the following information for each title (see Webstore for specifics):

Author Name
Book Title

The series can be ordered through all major US bookstores (via Ingram or Baker & Taylor ordering systems) as well as bookstores in the UK (via Gardners and Bertrams).

Q: I like eBooks. Can I grab the storyline for my e-reader?

Yes. All of the Axiom-man books are published in e-format along with their print counterpart. Please see the AP Fuchs Webstore for where you can download your copy.

Q: I’ve run out of things to ask you.

No problem. The door’s open any time so feel free to contact me via the contact page at this site.